5 New Ways to Drive B2B and B2B2C Sales in 2023

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You Would Benefit from Momentifi Enterprise Edition If:

You want to roll out expert marketing content for your sales team or channel partners without tying up internal resources.
We work with you to create a series of easily shareable, personally branded content pieces that your sales team and channel partners can use immediately to connect with your target audience.
You want to promote your brand in a consistent way throughout your entire organization and all your distribution channels.
What if you could empower your entire team and all your distribution channels with personally branded expert content to build their personal brands and tell your company's story?
You want to give your team and channel partners a quick and easy way to tell your story and generate immediate results.
What if you could transform every person in your organization and every channel partner into a savvy content marketer with the click of a button? This generates immediate and consistent results for your product launches and new initiatives.

How is this different than other content marketing platforms?

Unique Story Format
Each story in our platform is personally branded so each user can easily click and post to social media or use as a script for marketing videos. You'll transform everyone in your organization and all your channel partners into a consistent source of relevant content to clients and referral sources.
Three Content Options
(1) Done-for-you content: we'll license you our content.

(2) Self-service content: you create and post your own content.

(3) Custom content: you can contract with us to create content for you.
Designed to Generate Immediate Results
Each personally branded content piece has a clear call to action. This makes it super-easy for your B2B and B2B2C target audience to take immediate action. This is a perfect way to get buy-in for your product launches and new initiatives.